Natalia Jewellers' Appraisals

Do you need a New or Updated Appraisal of your Jewellery?


An appraisal ensures and confirms that you have received the quality of Jewellery you have purchased.

Appraisals also state the replacement value of your piece for insurance coverage, in the event of damage or loss.

We host an Appraisal Clinic once a month at our Showroom. We have a third party, G.I.A. Certified Gemologist who will be in to appraise your Jewellery while you wait, shop, or drop off your pieces for your convenience.

This event is Appointment based only. With each appointment you receive a photo and an extensive detailed summary of your piece.

We will be hosting our next Appraisal Clinic on Saturday, April the 27th, 2019. Contact us to book your appointment today!










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