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Janurary - GARNET

A fascinating gemstone found in every colour except blue; garnets have been believed to promote healing, provide protection, and increase strength when worn. From the Latin word "granatus," garnet earned its name due to its resemblance of the pomegranate seed.

February - AMETHYST

Amethyst derives from the Greek work for “sober”. An interesting myth states amethyst gems would prevent drunkenness by the wearer. Amethyst has also been believed to protect solders in battle. The amethyst gemstone is a purple variety of quarts, always found in violet hues.


Aquamarine stones range from near colourless pale blue, to vibrant blue-green; deep-blue aqua colour being the most desirable. Mystical properties of the aquamarine are said to endow intelligence, youth and happiness upon the wearer.


A diamond is the ultimate gemstone; it is the hardest substance found in nature and comes in an array of colours. Diamonds have high dispersion, meaning they give off “fire” like no other gemstone. The single most desirable quality of a diamond is its rarity.


Emeralds are one of the oldest gemstones that ever existed and date back to at least 4000 years in history.

Cleopatra adored Emeralds so much she even had her own mines. Today, Columbian emeralds are considered to be the finest because of their vivid green colour and shine.  Emeralds are rare and valuable gemstones said to bring good luck and success to the wearer.

June - PEARL

Pearls are the gemstone of the ocean; they symbolize purity, love, union, and fertility. Pearls have become one of the finest symbols of religious purity in Christianity, adorning bridal gowns and veils. The Khoran promises pearls to be one of the great rewards found in paradise. The gem itself has become a symbol of perfection found it a rainbow of lustrous colours and shapes.

July - RUBY

Rubies, “king of precious stones,” have been highly prized throughout history for their symbolism of passion, royalty, and power. Rubies were frequently mentioned in the Bible; the most precious of the twelve stones created by God. Rubies are the red variation of corundum, the second hardest substance found in nature next to diamond.

August - PERIDOT

Ancient Egyptians named peridots “gems of the sun” and much admired them because they were thought to be emeralds. Historians are convinced that much, if not all of Cleopatra’s large emeralds were in fact deep green peridots. Mystical powers of the paridot bring the wearer good luck, peace, and fortune. Paridots are also said to attract love.

September - SAPPHIRE

Sapphires are from the mineral corundum, and come in all colours except red, which is ruby. Ever since Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, more and more couples decided to adopt this old tradition and today sapphire engagement rings are quite popular. Sapphires symbolize truth, faithfulness and sincerity.

October - OPAL

Traditionally opal has been considered a stone of fortune. The Romans thought opals were symbolic of hope and purity. The Greeks thought they gave the gift of prophecy. It has also been said to make one invisible and hence to be favored by thieves.

November - CITRINE

Citrine, known as the “success stone” is said to bring fortune, prosperity, and good luck in business. Natural citrine gemstones are actually quite rare; almost all citrines found on the market today are actually heat treated amethysts. Magmatic bodies in the Earth's crust can also naturally change amethyst into citrine (Madeira Citrine).

December - BLUE TOPAZ

Topaz is found in many color variations such as blue, yellow, pink, brown, green and clear. Colourless topaz gemstones are the best natural substitute for diamonds.  Blue topaz stones are believed to bring the wearer feelings of joy, wellbeing, and strength. The Blue Topaz was even thought to have magical properties in its ability to make its wearer invisible in a threatening situation.











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